Kaashi Arts

Drawing from the treasures of ancient India, Kaashi Arts was set up in 2015 with the object of curating the finest in the Indian Classical Arts. Our aim is to be conscious of age old traditions and to present these jewels in a contemporary manner.

We are committed to providing a medium where in which musicians, dancers, artists, intellectuals & many more are able to express their individual forms in their own unique ways.

Kāśī (Kaashi), Benares, Varanasi - Are all names across various ages for the holy city. Kaashi is the epicentre for the arts, culture, music, philosophy, religion, spirituality and life in the Indian Sub-Continent. It is a melting pot of humanity.

For Kaashi Arts, the holy city provides its core inspiration and sets the foundation for the organisation. It allows people to express & breathe through it, it is a facilitator for creatives. 

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